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At GoThaiMover, we give you the advice of the pros, to calculate the price of a move and organize your budget.
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Thanks to our online comparator of movers , you will be able to simulate your move for free to obtain a price estimate and compare the rates of several companies.
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What is the price of a move to Thailand and how do you choose a formula that suits your budget?

You will know everything about the criteria of price of a professional mover , to effectively assess the cost of your move.

In addition, we take stock of the additional services that you can request, to receive a personalized quote .
The particularities of a moving estimate
We also help you understand a moving quote and choose the right mover .
How to receive cheap quotes?
Finally, if you have a limited budget, thanks to economical solutions offered by movers and a few tips, you can moving as cheaply as possible .