Estimated price of a mover in Thailand

Thanks to gothaimover, you can prepare your moving budget in advance, knowing the prices on the Thai market.

Prices of moving packages in Thailand

The main formulas proposed by the professionals make it possible to fix a tariff, by taking into account :

  • The distance to be covered between your departure and arrival points
  • Removal volume in m3

Moving to the same area

  • Economic formula: 300 THB/m3

  • Standard formula: 400 THB/m3

  • Luxury formula: 500 THB/m3

For a move to another region, it is necessary to count between 10 and 20 additional baht for each formula, if you leave your place of residence, for a destination located at more than 200 kilometers.

Economic moving

  • 20 M3 // 600 THB // 800 THB
  • 30 m3 // 900 THB // 1200 THB

Standard removal

  • 20 M3 // 800 THB // 1000 THB
  • 30 m3 // 1200 THB // 1500 THB

All inclusive moving

  • 20 M3 // 1000 THB// 1200 THB
  • 30 m3 // 1500 THB // 1800 THB

What factors come into play in the price of a move?

Professional companies apply rates according to volume and distance, but also according to all the external parameters related to your move.

That’s why they charge additional fees included in a global package at the best price, according to :

  • Moving period
  • Materials and equipment provided
  • Type of accommodation
  • Type of furniture
  • Type de meubles

  • Difficulties of access
  • Additional Services

How can I lower the price of a move?

In order to reduce the cost of a removal estimate as much as possible, we advise you to :

  • Getting rid of your useless furniture
  • Choose a moving date in the least busy season
  • Opting for a low-cost formula

Furthermore, we recommend that you request additional services from a single professional company, so that you can benefit from a complete removal at the best quality-price ratio.