How much does a professional move cost?

Price of a move by professionals To know the price of a move by a professional, many criteria must be taken into account. We give you the essential basics to help you know how much a professional move costs. But we also advise you on the services offered by the movers which vary the prices.

The 6 criteria for the price of a move by professionals.

In general, the average price of a move in thailande is estimated at around 1000 euros. To find out how professionals calculate the price of a moving quote, here are 6 rules to know first.

1- Determine the price in relation to the volume to be moved

The first criterion on which a professional mover will be based to calculate his will be the volume to be moved per m3. Depending on the quantity of goods to be moved and their volume, the professional will determine the cubic capacity of the moving truck.

Therefore, the price of a professional move will depend on the size of your home. You won’t get the same price depending on whether you are moving a studio or a house.

Depending on the options chosen, average price of a move without changing city:

Small volume up to 15 m3: Between 350 and 750 euros
From 20 to 30 m 3, or a 2-3 room apartment up to 60 m2: 700 to 1500 euros
Between 35 and 50 m3, corresponding to a 4-room apartment and a house: From 1200 to 2500 euros
Tip: Sort your belongings and furniture to reduce the volume to be moved. Thus, you will reduce the price of the move per cubic meter at the same time.

2- The distance to be covered by the movers

On the other hand, transport costs are a determining factor in the price range of a professional move. If you move to the same city, your move will be more economical than if you move to another region. In fact, the distance traveled by the moving truck between the removal of your goods and their delivery will be used to calculate the final price.

In the same town :

For an apartment between 1 and 4 rooms: from 350 to 1300 euros
For a house: from 1400 to 2500 euros
On a long distance journey, prices can double for 500 km more.

We recommend the group move to share your moving costs if you have some furniture to move. This process is very advantageous for moving inexpensively. In fact, the transport costs of the movers are shared between several clients who group their moves together.

3- Access to housing to assess the price of a professional move

Difficulties accessing your home may require additional labor and therefore increase the cost of the move. This is the case if you live on a high floor, and the use of a furniture lift is essential. The price of the service will be included in your final quote. The amount of the bill will inevitably increase depending on the floor and if you live in a 5th without elevator

4- The type of goods to be transported

Some pieces of furniture require more time and greater difficulty to take them apart and put them back together. It can be large and bulky furniture like a sofa or fragile like a piano that also requires special transport. Professionals may also need to move works of art. This is why the expertise of the specialist and the moving equipment used will also come into play in the prices charged.

The standard price for a piano transport is 300 euros.

5- The moving period causes prices to vary

If you want to save money on your move, if possible choose the fall-winter season to call on movers. Indeed, the most expensive period to move with a professional is between June and September. On the other hand, choose a weekday rather than weekends. Finally, it is always better to move in the middle of the month rather than at the end of the month. A good tip: Plan well in advance to prepare for your move and choose the best time to move for less.

6- Moving formulas at different prices

price of a move by professionals Along with these criteria, you can choose your formula according to your budget. Indeed, the price varies according to the tasks that you will accomplish alone, that you will share with the mover or that the professional will take care of entirely. These services correspond respectively to the economic, standard or luxury formulas.

The most economical option: The movers only take care of the transport of your belongings to your new home.

The average price is 350 euros for moving a studio
The standard formula: The professional takes care of fragile objects, the dismantling and reassembly of your furniture and transport.

In general, in the standard formula, the m3 is estimated at 41 euros for a short distance per kilometer and at 60 euros for a long-distance move.
The luxury package is the most expensive since the professionals take care of all the stages of the move: packing, unpacking, dismantling and reassembly of your furniture and delivery.

Count 1,500 euros on average for a move of 30 m3 in all comfort formula.
All-inclusive services in the moving quote
In order to estimate the cost of your move, our online quote form allows you to select different moving services. Thus, the moving company can offer you the rental of a storage unit. Subsequently, these services will be calculated in the total cost of your invoice. But for an all-inclusive move, it will cost you less than some isolated services.


Free online services to estimate the price of a move

Price of a move by professionalsBecause at Allodemenageur, your peace of mind is priceless, we have created online estimation tools to help you move well. In order to help you simulate your moving budget, we offer free and efficient services.

Estimate the volume of your move

To obtain one of the criteria that will be used to determine the price of your move by a professional, we provide you with the volume calculator. Fast and convenient, it allows you to obtain a result that will automatically be reflected in your online quote request.

Get quotes to compare the prices of movers

In order to get the exact price for your move, your best bet is to use the moving quote comparator. Free and without obligation, it offers you the possibility of receiving quotes from professional movers and comparing their prices. Then, all you have to do is choose the moving quote that best suits your budget.

Tips for reducing the cost of a professional move

Finally, our news gives you tips to help you move at the lowest price. Thus, you can more easily estimate the price of your move by consulting financial assistance for moving.

Did you know ? By providing the Caf with the invoice from the moving company, you can be reimbursed for part of your moving costs.

Payment facilities: If you move with a professional, you can pay your moving bill in installments free of charge.

There you have it, you know almost everything about how to calculate the cost of a professional move. So, to move safely and cheaply, trust our moving partners to get the best price!