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Free online moving quote

GO Thai Mover, the online comparator site of movers, is aimed at individuals and companies who want to receive a price estimate for moving in Thailand, quickly free of charge, and without any obligation.

The advantage of the online moving service is that you can obtain time-saving quotes, without having to move, from any device connected to the Internet.

We offer unbeatable prices with a wide range of products and services. Compare prices and find best deals on Thai removals in Thailand.

Finally, our online estimating tool is secure and keeps your data completely anonymous.

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Choosing to move within your budget

Our dedicated form allows you to select a package including all the services corresponding to your needs, while respecting your finances:

  • Economical formula, to move at a lower cost, leaving the professional to take care of the transport only.
  • Standard Formula, which allows you to help the movers, with a good value for money.
  • Luxury formula, to move without any constraint, since the specialist takes care of everything!

In addition, we give you the best advice on how to choose your provider and move as cheaply as possible, if you have a limited budget.

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Personalized moving quote

We offer you the possibility to fill in a complete estimate and to specify in the comments all the specificities related to your change of residence.

In order to organize your departure in the best conditions, you can benefit from additional services adapted to your needs, for an all-inclusive move at the best value for money.

Furniture Lift Service

Do you have bulky items to dispose of in a hard-to-reach place? Our specialists have sophisticated furniture lifts to move your heavy furniture in the safest possible conditions.

Rental of furniture storage

You can ask for a quote with furniture storage, while you are waiting to move in. The companies will then offer you the rental of storage boxes, whatever the storage duration, with advantageous packages.

Supply of cartons

In order to efficiently pack your goods and furniture, the movers can provide you with all the appropriate protection, free of charge, according to the formula you have chosen, or at attractive prices.

Moving to Thailand and International

Gothaimover is in partnership with companies available throughout Thailand, to organize your move in Bangkok, Chonburi, Chiang Mai or Phuket, etc.

But our teams also have a large network of international movers at their disposal. This is why you can request a quote for moving from Thailand to international destinations, whether to Europe or the United States.

Choosing your moving destination